Breathing life back into rural communities

Photo by Cindy Barclay Powell

Meaningful and even dramatic action is required to ensure the future of rural communities across our country. Once healthy and vibrant local communities are facing population decline and economic viability struggles. With too few residents, communities can no longer sustain critical services like education, health care and food sources. Loss of population, workforce options and opportunities for economic development plague rural communities and test the sustainability of the rural way of life.

Advancing Rural Prosperity, Inc (ARPI) was formally organized in 2010 to tackle these issues head-on. Utilizing tried and true values and methods, trend lines for rural communities are changing while transforming sustainability and prosperity for individuals and communities.

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Looking for information about E-Accelerator?
E-Accelerator is a process and a framework that accelerates entrepreneurial development as a rural community economic growth strategy. The purpose of E-Accelerator is to coach communities to grow local businesses, identify entrepreneurial opportunities and access resources.
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